The Photography of Mike O'Neill ABIPP

SAAL Digital Photobook Offer

Browsing Facebook recently I came across a photo book offer for photographers from SAAL Digital.  I applied and they sent me a code for the value of £40, thank you I thought and set to work.

Now, I had an idea in mind to create a photo book of some of my favourite photos from Afghanistan. I did two stints in all, once on the British Combat Camera Team in 2009 and once as the Photographer for Task Force Helmand in 2012.

I built my book with the downloaded interface, which was super intuitive, and was completed in about 90 minutes.



I uploaded on a Saturday night (rock and roll, I know…) and I received my photo book on the Thursday following. Fast? I think so.

What I have received I am pleased with; I went for a matt finish over gloss, as that is generally my printing preference. The pages feel quite luxurious and it handles like a thick, high quality magazine inside. The cover is padded which I feel adds to the overall look and presentation of the book.

It’s a nice addition to my display arsenal, I wont always be in the army so Ill be sure to take this to any job interviews. Also, it’s a lovely one off custom coffee-table book that Id be happy to display if I had my own studio.

In summary, it’s a cracking service overall from SAAL Digital, I am very happy with this product.


One response

  1. Anna

    Hi Mike – Just wanted to say what a brilliant idea, and a lovely memory of your tours with the Army, thank you for sharing


    October 5, 2016 at 6:38 pm

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