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A dabble with Cinemagraphs

I came across a cool program yesterday, Cinemagraph Pro.  I watched the introductory video and set to work to have a go.

I needed to find a subject who was for one willing, and two, would work with video.

Easy peasy, I walked outside of the exercise I am currently covering in #Lithuania and found a Chef cooking rations on a small field set up.

I primed him, got him set up and shot the photo.

Army Chefs in Vilnius, Lithuania. As the soldiers of 248 Gurkha Signal Squadron are hard at work building the set up in Vilnius, Chefs from 22 Signal Regiment now have their equipment and immediately set to work to keep the guys fed. At the moment it is simple fare, using the contents of 10 man ration boxes, but these will be supplemented by fresh food in the coming days. This deployment marks the first time HQ ARRC has conducted their annual exercise, named ARRCADE FUSION 2015 (AF 15), in the Baltics with participation and elements in all 3 nations of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. "From the logistic point of view it is an excellent opportunity to test the strategic deployment of our personnel and material", said Brigadier Torsten Gersdorf, commander of Enabling Command ARRC. About 350 logistics vehicles and more than 150 containers of equipment left the ship MV EDDYSTONE and departed in convoys driven by 14 Transport Squadron and elements of 27 Regiment RLC to the various exercise locations in Lithuania and Latvia. This non-tactical movement signifies the start of this yearÕs AF 15 from a support perspective. This exercise tests the headquarters' ability to control simulated troop formations within a challenging and dynamic fictional scenarios. The scenario planned for AF 15 provides exercise evaluators with the ability to merge realistic global security threats into one environment to challenge and test the ability of headquarters personnel to devise innovative and pragmatic solutions. This is made all the more challenging, as they will be deploying in the middle of a Baltic winter in tents and field conditions. In this image:  Private Zaque Edwards, 25 from Stoke-on-Trent, 22 Signal Regiment, boils pasta on a quick field set up. Please credit photographer.

In this image: Private Zaque Edwards, 25 from Stoke-on-Trent, 22 Signal Regiment, boils pasta on a quick field set up.
MoD/Crown Copyright 2015.  Please credit photographer.

I then said ‘Stay still now mate while I just shoot the video’.  10 seconds later we are done.

Now to the edit.  The photograph was lightly edited in #Lightroom and imported to CG Pro with the video.

Screen Shot of the program in use

The program was very intuitive and easy to use if you already have a background in media editing.

15 minutes later I was complete with a quick edit done.  Most of that time was spent on the import and blending the steam, as it doesn’t repeat itself, for a better overlap.

Exported as a GIF to keep the filesize down.

Exported as a GIF to keep the filesize down.

The result was pretty cool and gained some fair interaction on twitter.  New followers = Result.  I feel if you think outside of the box you can achieve something special here.  I watched a tutorial of how to do it in photoshop and the tutorial was longer than 20 minutes.

Do cinemagraphs have a practical application for your audience? I would say yes, An striking image that moves would catch the eye more than the photo would.  I have seen some great examples.

Google and have a look for yourself 🙂


2 responses

  1. Anna

    Really interesting post, & really amazing images very clever, thank you for sharing

    October 16, 2015 at 8:28 am

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