The Photography of Mike O'Neill ABIPP

Walking The Wall

Walking the Wall

Ill be honest, I know nothing about Hadrian’s wall and that period of British History but a competition win for the wife meant a few days free break in Cumbria and a chance to learn all about it. For example, many of the ‘Roman’ soldiers based in the area were actually Gauls (French) who had been conscripted.

What a great time we all had. My father-in-law joined us for the trip and he wasn’t disappointed.

Off with Grandad

Off with Grandad

We visited the Roman Army Museum and also Vindolanda, before trekking a section of the wall which even my small children managed without complaint. I did shoulder-carry my youngest on the way back somewhat as she only has little legs. Our section of the wall included the Lone Tree which has featured in Costner’s ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’.

Vindolanda, Roman Fort Ruins

Vindolanda, Roman Fort Ruins

The Gate

The Gate




The scenery was lovely and I was happy with the images, shot on the Canon G12 and iPhone as I rarely carry my pro cameras on family days out.



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