The Photography of Mike O'Neill ABIPP

A return to normality…

I write this post as I fly by RAF Voyager A330, speeding towards British Airspace with an excitement I haven’t felt in a while. I long to see my family and to enjoy home comforts such as television and sitting on the couch.

The months ahead will be busy, but I will enjoy them nonetheless. It will be a chance to see faces from the tour of those people I spent time with in their FOBs and PBs as I took their photos and tried to capture the history of the men and women of The Black Rats.

I look forward to seeing the Units parade in their home towns as they are waved and cheered by their family, friends and well-wishers. The soldiers marching with their heads held high.

A new horizon approaches which I have visited before. Sometimes change, even back to that you know can be a good thing. I have big plans for the rest of the year and I hope you will continue to join me in my travels.



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