The Photography of Mike O'Neill ABIPP

June – Commercial

Laserforce Lisburn – Promo Lock in

So I was back in to Laserforce, this time at night with a drinking crowd.  All young 20 somethings supping Jagermeister slush drinks and partying with glowsticks.  It was all quite humorous for a sober man to watch.

The brief was to capture the 30 images that would form the outer layer of the laser arena as large window prints and will seen by over a million people who visit the leisureplex in Lisburn every year.

To cover the job I would need a mix of decent combat images plus some posed in the arena.  Over this past year I have taken thousands of images in the arena covering the Saturday birthday bookings and I wanted to do better.

I asked for the smoke machines to be deployed and I was not disappointed.   The foggy haze created gave body to the laser bolts that come from the weapons that gave a lot of life to the images and added the extra wow factor.

For the set up shots I used 3 SB900’s. 2 of them were fitted with blue gels and were situated and were placed on remote to the rear left and right of the subject.  The master was camera mounted and was used to light the subject.  The set up had the desired effect complete with lasers.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall I was extremely chuffed with the turnout, I look forward to seeing the finished wall on display.  Ill add the image below when it is completed.


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