The Photography of Mike O'Neill ABIPP

An end of an era

My wife and her family hail from St Helens which is situated in North West England between Manchester and Liverpool.  We own our own house in the town and one day we will move back there permanently.  I do look forward to that day, it will be nice to have some roots finally.

As townships go, it isn’t all that big, but it has an immense feeling of community in the area, which is probably due to the successful Rugby Club ‘The Saints‘ that gives everyone some common ground.  When shopping or generally being out and about it is the sort of place where people will still give you the time of day or say hello.

My Father-in-law lives right next to the ground or used to as I found on a recent trip back there as the club has bought new ground which is being built as I type this.  The old one was being pulled down and replaced by a modern housing development.  I couldn’t resist the opportunity for some photographs to record what is a massive piece of the towns history in the making.


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