The Photography of Mike O'Neill ABIPP

March – Event Photography

This month I had a new assignment with Ed’s Bar and Grill in Lisburn.

The Background – They were hosting a Pink Ladies Charity night in aid of the Ulster Cancer Foundation.

My brief – Cover the event for two hours and photograph whatever you like.  We need some pretty pictures for the website and our facebook page.  We will possibly use the images in our marketing and PR.

It was a cracking night in retrospect, I shot around 450 images and have at this stage edited over 70.  The D3 copes extremely well with low light situations and combined with fast lenses meant I didn’t have to worry too much about not having enough light.

I was mobile through the event which meant I couldn’t really bother with setting up extra flashes.  All in all I am pleased with the output.  Enjoy the proshow.  Thanks to Franki Valli, I am sure he wont mind after all ‘Its for charity mate!’


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